Environmental Monitoring | Smithers, BC
Our environmental monitoring and research generates the critical information that is essential for government and industry to provide sound stewardship of the environment.

Northwest Research and Monitoring is a community-based research and monitoring agency that emphasizes a science-based approach, in balance with First Nations and local priorities. We work at the intersection between industrial proponents, research, First Nations and communities to ensure communication, collaboration and increased certainty for natural resource development that fits with community objectives.

We apply innovative approaches to the research and monitoring of natural resources and related decision-making processes. We help proponents navigate complex social dynamics through effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders. By partnering with First Nations and local organizations in a meaningful way, we bring greater certainty to projects.


Our mission is to provide high-quality, interdisciplinary research and monitoring for all sectors of resource management. We ensure First Nations and community priorities are meaningfully incorporated into decision making, facilitate dialogue between relevant stakeholders, and coordinate local scientific capacities and human resources.


As a company that works where we live, we take the responsibility for sustainable development in our region seriously. Long in accord with UNDRIP principles, we work hard to create positive outcomes for both the landscape and those who live and work within it. In helping proponents access local capacity at all project levels, we build respect and support among a variety of stakeholders.


Our objective is to create agreement and understanding between a diverse set of stakeholders with a goal of moving our economy forward through industrial projects that are a good fit with our local region, communities and environment.

We value our community & collaborators