Northwest Research and Monitoring is a member of Crossroads Science and Culture Exchange, a strategic alliance of independent businesses with like-minded goals and similar staffing and resource needs. Together, we encompass multiple disciplines with a social, environmental, and community focus, and offer expertise in applied anthropology, archaeology, research and monitoring, as well as cultural promotion and awareness.

Exchange members share a common location, as well as staff members who are aware of our shared clients’ needs and perspectives. By sharing resources and staff expertise, we can offer one-stop access to all the services we offer; our clients benefit from a broader, deeper talent pool, at hand, under one roof.


Applied anthropologists and archaeologists who bridge the gap between First Nations and non-indigenous motivations, interpretations, and management. Crossroads CRM offers a wide array of services related to cultural resource management.

  • Cultural resource management
  • Business anthropology
  • Technology and innovation
  • Education and training


  • The Society: promotes awareness of cultural diversity and foster cross-cultural understanding, and creates a forum for dialouge about Pacific Northwest culture and its role in today’s world.
  • The Publication: CMod’s quarterly online cultural-awareness publication with an emphasis on Indigenous topics.


  • An informal on-the-couch forum for the exchange of ideas and dialogue.
  • In other words, a comfy place to drop in for a coffee and shoot the breeze. Great ideas come from the most unassuming places.