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We bridge the gap between proponents and communities. We ensure effective communication, balanced collaboration and best practices in order to facilitate nature resource projects that fit with the community and the landscape.We are your best option for finding a fit with local stakeholders.

Featured Project

SFU Genetic Proposal

Recent research and traditional knowledge has identified large declines in sockeye salmon populations throughout the Skeena River. Sockeye returning to the Bulkley/Morice are estimated to have declined by more than 80% over the last century of commercial fishing. Such a large decline has prompted several important questions:

  1. Has the amount of ancestral genetic diversity in this population declined at the same rate as abundance?
  2. How much genetic diversity has been lost over the last century of intensive commercial fishing?
  3. Does this population hold the genetic resilience required to persist far into the future given the uncertainties of climate change challenges?

Michael Price (PhD student at Simon Fraser University; SFU), in collaboration with the ancient DNA lab at SFU (Dr. Dongya Yang), Crossroads Cultural Resource Managament (Rick Budhwa), and Wet’suwet’en Fisheries (Walter Joseph), propose to participate in an archeological dig at Hagwilget Canyon during August 2018 to collect ancient salmon bone vertebrate, characterize the genetic diversity in sockeye from ancient times (pre-1900), and to compare such diversity with sockeye caught in Moricetown canyon today to determine changes over time.

Areas of Interest

While there are many landscape values to consider when planning and reviewing natural resource management projects, Northwest Research & Monitoring Ltd. focuses on four core areas of interest: Heritage, Water, Wildlife and Fish. Aligned with First Nations stewardship principles and community interests, these core areas guide our management approach and services across programs.

Project certainty requires financial, social, cultural and environmental plans

Building Trust

NWRM builds trust and community buy-in by leveraging local knowledge and strong First Nations partnerships. We work at the intersection of resource development, local communities and environment in order to assist the right projects in achieving efficient and effective outcomes.

Our objective is to create agreement and understanding between a diverse set of stakeholders with a goal of moving our economy forward through industrial projects that are a good fit with our local region, communities and environment. We are the only company in the northwest balancing financial, environmental, cultural and social aspects to create greater certainty and efficiency for industrial proponents. Our commitment to local communities and First Nations’ values helps to create an inclusive context for proponents to develop socially and environmentally responsible projects.

We are an engaged, community-minded agency with a firm understanding of local culture. We are your best option for finding a fit with local stakeholders.

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