Economic development is an integral part of a sustainable community: creating the right jobs for the local economy, culture and environment. Northwest Research and Monitoring’s goal is to put our region on a path to higher growth by improving the productivity of firms and people in ways that lead to better incomes and living standards for all. Stronger firms are more resilient firms — resilient firms make up resilient communities. Community capacity building through economic development is about connecting local researchers with proponents to support the development of projects that are a good fit for the local economy. By helping proponents engage socially and culturally, First Nations, communities and natural resource projects are better equipped to work together. Northwest Research and Monitoring ensures that local experts help projects move forward in the best way possible, resulting in greater certainty: The greater the certainty, the greater the trust, the greater the opportunity for all to benefit.

Northwest Research and Monitoring is partnered with Natural Resources Training Group to deliver high-quality, interdisciplinary natural and cultural resource management training. We deliver technical and accredited field-based workshops and courses to suit your needs. Please contact us for further information.