Gitxsan Land Use Plan

Northwest Research and Monitoring, in partnership with the Gitxsan Treaty Society and Crossroads Cultural Resource Management Ltd, is collaborating in the creation of a comprehensive Land Use Plan for several watersheds within the Gitxsan First Nation.

This program would coordinate the Upper Nass, Kispiox and Lake Babine watersheds within Gitxsan traditional territory in order to acquire natural and cultural resource information. This will create a comprehensive current database of Gitxsan resource information which would be used to facilitate decision making regarding resource development policy and economic development. This project will provide opportunity to grow cultural resource management skills and resource training.

Northwest Research and Monitoring will provide technical guidance and mapping capabilities to ensure the project is of professional industry standards while remaining true to community- and indigenous-based research protocols. Northwest Research and Monitoring will participate in intensive multi-directional information gathering including seasonal information gathering workshops bringing Gitxsan elders and watershed communities together and database development to categorize and organize collected information.