Hagwilget Village Land Use Plan

Uniting the voices of the community into a plan that will help guide decisions in the future

Northwest Research and Monitoring in partnership with Crossroads Cultural Resource Management Ltd and the Hagwilget Village Council are developing a Comprehensive Community and Land Use Plan (CCLUP) for Hagwilget Village.

The Hagwilget Village community requires a CCLUP to be able to effectively prepare for future resource developments and governance measures. This project will provide the baseline data, maps, policies, and procedures required to make culturally-responsive and timely decisions on issues that impact the nation. An advisory committee of Hagwilget Village elders and community members has been established to provide direction for the overall land use plan.

The team at Northwest Research and Monitoring has extensive experience working with Wet’suwet’en communities in natural and cultural resource management, and will provide project management and technical expertise for this project. This CCLUP will ensure a solid base for building a strong lands and resources department that can continue to grow and implement strategies driven by the community.