Northwest Research and Monitoring


Northwest Research and Monitoring is an apolitical, community-based research and monitoring agency that emphasizes a science-based approach, in balance with First Nations and community priorities. We work at the intersection between proponents and communities to ensure communication, collaboration and best practices are a fundamental part of any natural resource development project.

Our environmental monitoring and research generates the critical information that is essential for government and industry to provide sound stewardship of the environment.

About Us

Northwest Research and Monitoring is a network of researchers and practitioners who apply innovative approaches to the research and monitoring of natural resources and related decision-making processes. We emphasize adaptive management and effective communication and collaboration between stakeholders. Our commitment to local communities and First Nations' values helps to create an inclusive context for proponents to develop socially and environmentally responsible projects.


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We believe social and cultural trust is granted by local communities and First Nations.

Our staff’s regular engagement with the academic community benefits our clients by ensuring we are taking advantage of the latest knowledge and techniques. We regularly present at conferences across Canada, and we have authored publications that address specific challenges faced by our clients.

Community & Collaborators

We are a company that works where we live, so we embrace a high level of responsibility for the environmentally and socially sustainable development of our local area. Our commitment is to both people and the environment and we work towards creating positive outcomes for both the environment and each other. In helping proponents to access and respect local capacity at all levels of their projects, we hope to build respect and support amongst all stakeholders.

  • BC Ministry of Environment
  • Smithers Chamber of Commerce
  • Rescan
  • BV Economic Development Association
  • Office of the Wet'suwet'en
  • Northwest Community College
  • Crossroads Cultural Resource Management
  • BV Research Centre